Belgian Open 2010 Rubik's Cube competition
May 22-23, 2010 at Youth Hostel De Blauwput, Leuven, Belgium

Registration closed


May 2 All people presently on the waiting list are admitted to take part in the competition. The registration is now closed. The list of registrants will be updated soon.

April 24 We've decided to increase the number of available spots to 70 competitors, which we reached to today. People who register as of today will be put on a waiting list.


The Belgian Open 2010 is a Rubik's Cube competition organised by Lars Vandenbergh and volunteers.

With this competition we hope to attract a lot of local cubers and give them a chance to compete, but we also warmly invite competitors who come from abroad to give this event an international flavor.

During the championship the official WCA regulations will be applied. Results of the championship will be added to the official WCA World Rankings

Before the competition starts all competitors can practice on the official timing equipment: the Stackmat timer. All puzzle brands may be used during the competition, as long as the puzzles comply with the WCA regulations.


The venue for this competition is:

Youth Hostel De Blauwput
Martelarenlaan 11A
3010 Leuven

The youth hostel is located 100m from the train station and city center of Leuven. The competition will take place in The Resto Room on the ground floor of the youth hostel.

Leuven has regular train connections from other Belgian train stations and there is a direct train from Brussels airport to Leuven which takes about 15 min.

Leuven is very accesible by car and is situated 25 km East of Brussels, right next to the E40 and E314 highways.


Registration for this competition is now closed.

Each competitor and guest is asked to pay an entrance fee of 10 euro per day. The entrance fee includes coffee and tea available throughout the day and a lunch that will be served in the cafeteria.

People who need a place to stay are encouraged to stay in the youth hostel. The price is 17.80 euro per night per person. This includes bed linnen and breakfast.

The accomodation will be in 4- and 6-bedded rooms.

The total registration fee needs to be payed in cash on your first day of the competition.



This a provisional schedule. The exact timings, formats and time limits may differ on the day. Registrants will be kept up to date on changes to the schedule.

All competitors must be available for scrambling and judging. Competing for most events will be done in groups, with each group judging and scrambling for another group.

Saturday May 22, 2010

TimeEventRoundFormat# competitorsTime limit
8:00 - 18:00Registration    
9:00 - 10:00Rubik's Cube Fewest Movesfinalbest of 1 1 hour
10:00 - 10:20Rubik's Magic
Rubik's Master Magic
average of 5
average of 5
10:20 - 10:50Rubik's Clockfinalaverage of 5 1:00
10:50 - 11:30Pyraminxfinalaverage of 5 1:00
11:30 - 12:30Rubik's Cube Multiple Blindfoldedfinalbest of 1 1 hour
10:00 per cube
12:30 - 13:30Lunch    
13:30 - 18:00Rubik's 4x4x4 Cube Blindfolded
Rubik's 5x5x5 Cube Blindfolded
best of 2
best of 2
1 hour
13:30 - 14:30Rubik's Cube One-handedcombined finalbest of 2
average of 5

14:30 - 15:206x6x6 Cubecombined finalbest of 1
mean of 3

15:20 - 16:307x7x7 Cubecombined finalbest of 1
mean of 3

16:30 - 17:15Megaminxcombined finalbest of 1
mean of 3

17:15 - 18:00Square-1combined finalbest of 2
average of 5

18:15 - 18:30Winner's ceremony    

Sunday May 23, 2010

TimeEventRoundFormat# competitorsTime limit
8:00 - 17:00Registration    
9:00 - 10:00Rubik's 4x4x4 Cubefinalaverage of 5 4:00
10:00 - 11:30Rubik's Cubefirst roundaverage of 5 3:00
11:30 - 12:30Rubik's 2x2x2 Cubefinalaverage of 5 1:00
12:30 - 13:30Lunch    
13:30 - 14:30Rubik's Cube Blindfoldedcombined finalbest of 2
best of 3

14:30 - 15:15Rubik's Cubesemi-finalaverage of 5363:00
15:15 - 16:30Rubik's 5x5x5 Cubecombined finalbest of 2
average of 5

16:30 - 17:00Rubik's Cubefinalaverage of 5123:00
17:15 - 17:30Winner's ceremony    


These are the people that have registered for Belgian Open 2010. Registration is now closed.

#NameCountrySaturday's eventsSunday's eventsStaysGuests
1Karsten BuitkampGermany  x xxx    xxxxxxx   
2Charlie CooperUnited Kingdomxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   
3Anders LarssonSwedenxxxx xxx     xx x    
4Erik AkkersdijkNetherlandsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   
5Sam ZwaenepoelBelgiumx xxx        xxxx    1
6François CourtèsFrance  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
7Geo Van RodeBelgium             xx x    
8Ron van BruchemNetherlandsx xxxxxx   xxxxxx xx 
9Monika ZimmermannGermany             xxxxx   
10Robin BlöhmGermany             xxxxx   
11Joke RoelsBelgiumxx x         x x     
12Jelle VandammeBelgium             x xx    
13Joris MühlsteffNetherlands  xxxxx x  xxxxxxx x 
14Sébastien AurouxGermanyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
15Berit BrüsterGermany      xxxx xxxxxxxxx 
16Joel SpangLuxembourg   x xx    x xxxxxxx 
17Mats ValkNetherlandsxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx 
18Fabrice BaumgartenBelgiumx   x x      xx x    
19Hanneke RijksNetherlands   x         xx x xx 
20Ralph EikelenbergNetherlands             x       
#NameCountrySaturday's eventsSunday's eventsStaysGuests
21Robin DeunNetherlandsxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx 
22Olivier PolspoelBelgiumxx x xxx     xxxx    
23Olivier VermerschFrancexxxx  xx   xxxxxxxxx 
24Fabian AurouxGermanyx x   x      xx x xx 
25Peter JansenNetherlands             xxxx    1
26Maarten SmitNetherlandsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x 
27Jan WronskiGermany    x        xx x    
28Ebenezer NtiriGhana      x      x    xxx
29Robin ShoreUSA             x       2
30Daniel BeckerGermany   x         x  x  x 
31Jan BentlageGermanyx  x xx x    xxxxx x 
32Jens DiewaldGermanyx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
33Christophe WoittequandFrance             xxxxx   
34Daniel SheppardUnited Kingdom  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
35Laetitia LemoineFrancexxxx  xx   xxxxxxxxx 
36Mickaël KourganoffFrance   x  xx     x  xxxx 
37Claudio MüllerSwitzerlandx  xxxx      xxxxx   1
38Ruud HardyBelgium             x       
39Clément GalletFrancexxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 
40Frédéric GiguetFrance             xx xx   
#NameCountrySaturday's eventsSunday's eventsStaysGuests
41Olivier SamannFrance   xxx     xxxxxx  x 
42Geert BiclerBelgium             x  x    1
43Nicolas FruyFrance    xxxx     xx xxxx 
44Guillain PotronFrance             xxxxx   
45Stephane EscaichFrance             x       
46Gabriel SaadiaFrance             xx xxxx 1
47Maria OeyIndonesia             xx  x   
48Florian WeingartenGermany             xxxxx   
49Nora ChristGermanyxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx   
50Niklas SpiesGermany   xxxxx   xxxxxxx x 
51Manuel GuseGermanyxxxxxxxxx    xxxxx   
52Alexander SpringhornGermany   xx x    xxxxxxx x 
53Maximilian NeitzelGermany             xxxxx   
54Thijs EngelNetherlands     xx      xx x    2
55Ton DennenbroekNetherlands             xxx x   
56Rama TemminkNetherlands             x       
57David BolséeBelgium             xx      
58Tristan PaulussenNetherlandsxx x xxx     x  x    1
59Brian Yudistira SetiyantoIndonesia             xx    x 1
60Fendy KumalaIndonesia             xxx   x 
#NameCountrySaturday's eventsSunday's eventsStaysGuests
61Alessandra Puspita SetiyantoIndonesia             x     x 
62Samuel SetiyantoIndonesia             xxx   x 
63Philip GonzalezGermanyxx x  x      xx x    
64Dao van HuyGermanyxx x  x      xx x    2
65Leonard EwerbeckGermanyxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx   
66Lars VandenberghBelgiumxxxxxx x     xxxxx   
67Dan HarrisUnited Kingdomx x x  x   xxxxxxx   
68Lucas ScheiperGermanyxxx  xx    xxxxxxx   
69Guus de WitNetherlandsx  x xxx   x xxxx  x 
70Shauly RaminGermanyx            x       
71Sara ArmanugrahaIndonesia             x     x 1
72Raphaël CauderlierFrance      xx     x    xx 
73Shijie HuChina             xx x    3
74Joël van NoortNetherlands             x   x